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Bob Barr Endorsement

Gwinnett FOP Endorsement

Bucky Johnson (R)
Former Mayor of Norcross
“It is a pleasure to endorse Mark as a “no nonsense’ candidate that will serve our district with distinction! Please go back to the polls to support him.”
Butch Conway (R)
Retired 24-Year Veteran Sheriff Butch Conway
“I have endorsed Mark Gonsalves based on all his positions to include strict enforcement of our immigration laws. Corbin is too soft on immigration and won’t fix our problems, only prolonging the huge expenses of Biden’s border policies.”
Clint Dixon (R)
Georgia State Senator
“I’m honored to endorse my good friend Mark Gonsalves for congressional district 7. Mark will be a true conservative fighter in Washington. Mark will work hard every day to protect the conservative values that built Gwinnett county.”
Cole Muzio
Frontline Policy Action
“On every issue, I trust Mark Gonsalves to articulate a strong, conservative approach in the campaign, and I know he will not back down once he’s in Congress.”
Johnny Crist (R)
Former Mayor of Lilburn & GA House Candidate
“Grateful to endorse my friend and fellow Conservative, Mark Gonsalves.”
Larry DiBiase (I)
Johns Creek City Councilor
“Mark is a patriot. He has worked very hard to achieve the American dream and understands the struggle of the middle class. As a principle-based conservative, his love for God and County is unwavering and I know he will do the right thing for the citizens in Johns Creek. Seeing through the politic and choosing citizens first is his foundation which will carry this county forward while fighting back the madness of Washington today.”
Lisa McCoy (R)
Former US House - District 7 Candidate
“The candidate that I support and endorse to continue on in the race to take back the House for District 7 in the June 21st runoff is Mark Gonsalves! I appreciate and admire Mark’s commitment to fight for our freedoms, improve our economy, and to secure our borders. Please give him your vote for the future of this great country of ours!”
Mary West (R)
Former US House - District 7 Candidate
“When running for office a candidate gets a firsthand view of their opponents. I often ask myself, could I vote for any of them if I weren’t in the same race? I’m happy to say, in the Republican Primary for the 7th Congressional District, yes, I can, and the person I endorse and will vote for in the Primary Runoff on June 21st is Mark Gonsalves. Mark is passionate about preserving our freedoms, reclaiming our vibrant economy, and securing our country. Please join me in supporting and voting for the true Republican Mark Gonsalves in the runoff on June 21st.”
Matt Reeves (R)
Georgia State House Candidate & Business Leader
“I have known Mark & Donna Gonsalves for years from their engagement in Republican causes in Gwinnett & Johns Creek. Bidenflation & liberals in Washington are hurting people every day at the gas pump, grocery store, and every line item on the family and small business budget. I have confidence in Mark Gonsalves to fight back on our behalf.”
Scott Hilton (R)
Former Georgia State Representative & Current Candidate
“Mark Gonsalves is the most qualified candidate in this race and our best hope for beating Lucy McBath in November.”
Shawn Still (R)
Georgia State Senate Candidate & Business Leader
“Only Mark Gonsalves has the ability to defeat Lucy McBath and push back against the failed Biden administration. He has my full support. I hope you will support him too!”
Tom Homan
Former Acting Director of ICE Under President Trump
“As former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) under President Trump, I’m proud to endorse Mark Gonsalves for U.S. Congress in Georgia’s 7th District. Knowing Mark, he is the only candidate who has the backbone and resolve to strictly enforce our Immigration Law to protect our borders. He will take action to ensure dangerous criminal aliens don’t get released back to the streets of Georgia. Community safety is something Mark takes very seriously. His leadership in Congress will have a positive impact on our nation’s future.”
Tom Kirby (R)
Georgia State Representative
“I’ve had enough of RINO’s in Congress. Mark Gonsalves is the only tried and true Republican in the 7th District runoff. He believes in our American Freedoms, less government, a secure border, and a vibrant economy. He will take action and not just talk about the issues. We need him to be our voice in DC – please join me in supporting Republican Candidate Mark Gonsalves for US House District 7 on June 21st.”